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Architectual Review Board (ARB)


Community Standards


This Community Standards for Avalon Villages are established to assist the Architectural Review Board (ARB) and Owners with procedures, guidelines, and consistent; high quality design standards for the property alteration process. It supports and amplifies the Declaration of Restrictions and Covenants and other governing documents that bind each property Owner. It is provided to residents of Avalon Village for their future reference. This document is not intended to address all possible situations, alterations, etc. Please contact Meritus Corp with any questions or concerns.  It is the intention of the ARB to maintain a high standard of exterior architectural appearance throughout the Avalon Village Homeowner Association. The following guidelines have been setup to protect the integrity of the project, the developer’s interests and the purchasers’ investment in the community. Your adherence to these guidelines will enhance the marketability of Avalon Village.

Property setbacks, easements and other ordinances must be adhered to and complied with-in accordance with Hernando County Government.

Meeting Times

Meetings are held at the clubhouse on the Third Tuesday of the month @ 1pm 

Application Process


Any exterior property alteration (to the home or the lot) requires the completion of an “Application” form that must be approved by the ARB.  


ARB will only process completed applications, including signatures and accompanying plans and specifications, lot plots, colors, pictures, drawings, etc. Applications must contain all the information necessary for the ARB to make an informed decision or it will be denied. 

Within thirty (30) days after receipt of a complete application by the ARB, the ARB will act on the submission. After review, the original submittal will be retained by the ARB for their files. The ARB will give one of the following responses to each application received. 

“Approved” (project approved as submitted)

“Conditional Approval” (subject to conditions noted)

“Denied” (reasons noted in the meeting minutes)


Approved projects must be completed within 6 (six) months of approval by the ARB. After that time, the ARB’s approval of the application will expire. A new ARB application must be submitted and approved before any further work can begin. The Board or the ARB retains the right, but not the obligation, to extend time frames for applicant to complete the proposed and approved work. A member of the property management team will verify the work has been done in compliance with the ARB’s approval.