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When do I have to submt an ARC form for my improvement/change to my property?

 Any time you make an exterior alteration to your property, you should  submit an Architectural Change Request Form to the management company  PRIOR TO making any changes.  These requests are reviewed by our  volunteer ARB members and for approval or denial.  All changes should be requested prior to work being done, since there may be  issues or reasons the change cannot be made.  Examples would include  restrictions by Hernando County  codes, insurance restrictions, not permitted in the covenants etc.,  that individual homeowners may not be aware of on their property. 

How long does it take to get ARB Approval?

Your volunteer Architectural Review Board (ARB) members work as  volunteers to review and approve all requests once per month.  In Avalon Villages, many requests can be approved within 30 days.  Some requests may  take up to 45 days therefore, homeowners should submit requests at least 45 days ahead of any planned projects to give adequate time to review your request.  Not submitting prior to work being completed MAY result in a $100 fine up to 1K.  

Where do I get the form and mail it?

All of the forms and Architectural Guidelines for Avalon Villages can be found on the ARB Page.  Once all the required items are compiled, mail them into Meritus Corp.  Once the application is received by Meritus, you will receive an email that your application was received by SMARTWEBS.  Always check your junk folder! 


Smartwebs is the program we use for architectural processing. When your application is approved, denied or may need more information, you will receive an email from Smartwebs.  Please save this letter with your important home documents so that you have proof of your improvement/change to your home. 

Why did I receive a violation letter?

Meritus Corp performs drive-through inspections in our community.  Any  maintenance issues that appear to need attention are noted and a letter  may be sent to the homeowner informing them of the problem(s).  It is up  to each homeowner to quickly correct the problem, or contact Meritus  with an approximate date of when the problem will be corrected.  If you  have not contacted the compliance department at Meritus and DID NOT correct  the violation, homeowners will receive a hearing letter from the  management company.   All homeowners are encouraged to maintain their  property in Avalon Villages, which enhances the overall property value of  individual homes and the community in general.  

What can I do about my neighbors house if there is a violation?

You may submit an email to Meritus directly to the property manager or compliance department.   Examples might  include roaming pets, lawn maintenance issues, or items being stored  improperly in view.  The management company will either review the  complaint on their next inspection or ask board members to verify the  problem before sending a letter to the homeowner.